Origin Story

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We came from the depths of Stanton

Stuck in the ever-revolving machine of work and listlessness The Founders chose to break from Stanton’s monotony. They tore off into the ‘Verse, in search of something better. In their escape, they witnessed a revelation; a call from the ‘Verse toward an unending journey of humanity and meddling curiosity - The Eternal Voyage. Upon meeting vagrants like themselves, The Founders lit the first Bonfire, a wayfaring beacon in the void. Vagrants alike found refuge there, and formed the Flotilla of Redscar Nomads. Since then, Nomads survive and wander, committing themselves to making contributions to the Eternal Voyage.

Journey On

The Litany of Vagrants

The ‘Verse beckons me on the Eternal Voyage
It demands self-emancipation
Compassion is my ally
The unknown my revelation
I thrive by deeds and company
Passing through its crowded void
In it I will light a great bonfire
Calling on my vagrant kin
I lend my life to this purpose
I become Voyager



Redscar Nomads are committed to making contributions to the Eternal Voyage. By helping those in need, sharing their knowledge, and chasing the unknown, Nomads build a better, more fulfilling ‘Verse for all who cross their paths.

"The Eternal Voyage"

Never stagnating in one corner of a system.
Discovering the new, the exciting and the exotic.
Nomads with a purpose, filled with wanderlust.
Our stories and experiences shared.
Greatness not only measured in Victories, but also by our compassionate actions.
Our arms open, ready to bring all who wander with us.

The ‘Verse beckons…What is “The Eternal Voyage?”
Demanding only compassion and discovery, The Eternal Voyage is a shared journey that drives Nomads’ purpose and prepares them for endless learning and fulfillment. Be good. Be curious. Be Voyager.

What is Voyager?
Veteran members that have demonstrated an unwavering support for the idea and concept of Redscar, have a deep commitment to keeping our band of Nomads together, has helped Redscar in an immense way and earned the admiration of their fellow members. Been nominated by at least two members, then approved by and inducted by The Pioneer.  Awarded a Voyager Tribute gift with a specific Voyager number.



At Redscar Nomads, we're more than just a group of wanderers - we're a diverse community of adventurers, explorers, and professionals, each with our own unique skills and passions. Our professions provide expanded paths & opportunities for our members to explore.

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RS Report

Redscar report features a heavier role-play experience with a disciplined hierarchy

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RS RAngers

Redscar Rangers represent the tip of the spear in any Redscar deployment. They specialize in PVP combat.

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RS Racing

Truely test your metal as a pilot & driver in Redscar Racing. This unit will put you and your vehicle to highest limit.

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RS Rescue

Learn how to save fellow nomads & travelers when it counts. Expand your medical knowledge and be the savior when the time inevitably comes.

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RS Industrial

Dedicated to mining and transporting economic goods across the galaxy. Our skilled miners and haulers work tirelessly to gather and deliver resources, ensuring the prosperity and growth of our community.

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